CDMX Expanishon Project

CDMX Part 2: Locations


Mexico City is big. Really big. If you don’t know what you’re looking for it can be overwhelming to search for properties. Luckily after digging around a bit, it’s easy to narrow your search to a few neighborhoods based on what you’re looking for.

Taking stock of my background, constraints, and goals:

  • “Yuppie” or “yuppie-adjacent” American
  • Looking for 1BD and 2BD apartments around $200-300k
  • Car-less
  • English-speaking
  • Fan of food, but even bigger fan of kitschy cafes

The search can be somewhat narrowed to this general area

The candidate neighborhoods can be organized into tiers, because tiers are cool

Tier 1


Epicenter of hipster/bohemian culture in CDMX.

Roma Norte/Sur

Functionally similar to Condesa, with marginally better restaurants and cheaper properties.

Tier 2


Wealthy shopping district. World class restaurants, but maybe a little too wealthy for my price point.


Busy, touristy, and commercial. Many hotels, restaurants, office buildings, and shopping malls. If you visit CDMX on business you will probably be staying in one of the hotels on this avenue.

Tier 3

Colonia del Valle

A quieter, cheaper alternative to Roma and Condesa. Popular with families.


Similar to del Valle, a quieter and more family-friendly area.

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