Full-time remote software developer and consultant specializing in Java-based enterprise web applications. With 10+ years’ industry experience and a proven track record of delivering value to clients and customers, I am eager to get to work for you or your company.

Remote worker based in Austin, TX


Backend 90%
Database 85%
DevOps 80%
Automated Testing 85%
Frontend 75%
Communication 95%
Gumption 95%

Memberships and Certifications





Professional Timeline

International Trip Planning Services

Senior Engineer / Project Lead

Full-Time: May 2010 – Sep 2013
Part-Time: Sep 2013 – Present

Primary developer for enterprise Java application used by trip planning agency.


  • Feature development
  • Bug fixing
  • Code reviews
  • Writing unit and integration tests
  • Application roadmapping
  • Feature planning and prioritization

Major Accomplishments

  • Robust “requesting” framework for automating permitting and customs requirements
    for international flights
    • Dramatically reduced man-hours required by operations staff involved in permitting operations
  • Implementation of REST API used by custom iPad application
  • Increasing test coverage from 0 lines to 17,000 (60%)
  • Migration of application from JBoss AS6 to Wildfly 8
    • Seam 2.2 to 2.3, Hibernate 3 to 4, RichFaces 3 to 4

Anthem, Inc

Java Architect / Solution Lead

May 2020 – Sep 2020

Provided high level architectural guidance for features related to a Java-based web application used to search for medical providers. Communicated across scrum teams to scope and prioritize issues and manage performance testing


  • Provided solutions for scrum teams to implement with high level guidance
    • Required scoping, sizing, and time/complexity estimations
  • Compiling and managing testing data used for performance testing during bi-weekly releases

Major Accomplishments

  • Worked with external teams to implement an asynchronous reporting mechanism utilizing their exposed REST API
    • Communicated with external team to compile requirements and bridge gap with developers
  • Deep dive into implementation of Apache Solr in Java-based search application to identify areas for improvement and ideas for enhancement
    • Targeted indexing
    • Data configuration 


Senior Software Engineer

Sep 2018 – May 2020

Developed and maintained a suite of internal web applications to support Priceline’s hotel booking and airfare shopping systems.


  • Feature development
  • Bug fixing
  • Code reviews
  • Responding to and diagnosing system outages

Major Accomplishments

  • Brought several web applications from 0% test coverage to 60%+
  • Project lead on greenfield Spring Boot application querying several different REST and SOAP APIs containing airfare itinerary and pricing information
    • Extensive use of multithreading to achieve necessary throughput of searches and
      storing of results


Software Engineer IV

Dec 2017 – Aug 2018

Senior technical resource for a team of engineers developing and maintaining customer-facing web application.


  • Feature development
  • Bug fixing
  • Code reviews
  • Mentoring junior developers
  • Writing unit and integration tests

Major Accomplishments

  • Architected and developed new REST endpoint for application, including database
    models, remote objects, and business logic to consume and transmit information


Software Engineer II

Apr 2016 – Nov 2017

Member of five-person team developing for ancillary application used by Apptio customers to procure data into Apptio’s flagship application.


  • Feature development
  • Bug fixing
  • Code reviews
  • Writing unit and integration tests
  • Application support and interacting with customers to diagnose issues

Major Accomplishments

  • Implemented customer authentication with Amazon Web Services (AWS) via role
    delegation/assumption, in keeping with suggested best practices and supplanting
    existing method of requiring users to provide access/secret keys
    • Provided clear, concise documentation to customers for configuring their AWS
      accounts to allow for role delegation/assumption
  • Architected and wrote several “connectors” to seamlessly pull customers’ AWS billing
    data and cloud instance usage into Apptio’s flagship application for analysis
    • Immediate benefit to customers seeking greater insight into their cloud-based
      operations and how it fits into their larger business strategy
    • Required architectural design discussions and cross-team coordination


Site Reliability Engineer

Oct 2014 – Apr 2016

Member of four-person “Site Reliability” team tasked with developing solutions related to instance access and uptime


  • Application development of internal tools
  • Infrastructure management

Major Accomplishments

  • End-to-end development of LDAP-integrated security application guarding access to customer instances
    • Reversed-engineered existing orphaned, undocumented application
    • Benefited company by providing robust tools for auditing which employees had access to customer instances, and when
  • End-to-end development of Dropwizard application to aggregate availability metrics for customer instances
    • Integration with Pindgom, JIRA, and internal APIs
    • Used by operations staff to pinpoint and diagnose customer outages and calculate impact on SLA
    • Provided charts and summaries for VP-level executives surfacing trends and
      highlighting problematic customers/instances for targeting
    • Required frequent cross-team collaboration with support and operations to
      determine which data were important and how to classify them


Engineering Services

Sep 2013 – Oct 2014

Member of four-person Engineering Services team tasked with developing and maintaining engineering infrastructure


  • Maintenance of VCS (Git, Mercurial), build pipeline (Sonatype Nexus, TeamCity)
  • Development/support, automated testing, QA for internal deployment tool


Rice University (May 2010)

B.S. Electrical Engineering


Private Pilot (Instrument-rated)