CDMX Part 4: Financing

To recap: I decided on a 1BD apartment in the Reforma area for $4,200,000 MXP, or about $211,000 USD. I do well for myself but I’m not rich by any means, so this kind of

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CDMX Part 3: Hunting

Getting Started I’m sometimes asked how one gets started with viewing/touring properties in a foreign country. It really is (or can be) similar to finding property in the US: Go to a real estate aggregation

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CDMX Part 2: Locations

Donde? Mexico City is big. Really big. If you don’t know what you’re looking for it can be overwhelming to search for properties. Luckily after digging around a bit, it’s easy to narrow your search

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CDMX Part 1: Origins

My first trip to Mexico City as an adult was in November 2019 for a cryptocurrency conference. I won’t say I “fell in love” with the city or anything so dramatic, but I did have

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The Expanishon Project Blueprint

A balancing act The main appeal of international travel to me (and most others) is novelty. It’s fun and interesting to experience other countries, other cultures, and to submit yourself to unfamiliar and potentially uncomfortable

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